War of the universe episode 4 the last of Humans or Cylons series 1 the attack season finale

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After human ship escaped the Cylon planet  they went t the east of the universe where there was mars the Cylons were looking for the humans. The human ship landed on mars and planed the final attack on the Cylons . it would take the humans along time to start the war because the humans needed to make weapons supplies and make the ship bigger.


They started to make the weapons on by one later on they had finished and there ship was nearly bigger than the cylon planet mean while the highbreed were reborn from the most power full highbreed of all he became the king of all highbreed also he had found the remains of the Daleks and he was also the king of the Daleks. The humans spotted the highbreed and Daleks and they thought that the highbreed and Daleks could attack the Cylons then the humans could come to attack at the saw the humans put there plan in to action.


A few minutes later the war had began it was terryfiing Daleks had been wiped out and been burned in to ash high breed were dying soon later the highbreed had died just then when cylon battle ships where going in the cylon planet a large  ship surrounded by smaller ships had come to attack the cylon planet it was the humans. Now the cylon rushed in to battle just then the humans as quickly as possible fire a massive cannon on to cylon planet then the cylon planet had been destroyed. All that was left of the Cylons were there attack ships then the humans ended the war with a bang the have been destroyed.


But the humans still needed a planet to live on saw they went looking around in there ships when they saw a brand new earth they called it new earth two years later humans had settled down. But this is series one series two will be coming later on in the year

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God i love this, you rock! Wanna hang out sometime m8? (:

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