War Of The Universe Episode1 series 2 A New Beginning

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Three years after the human race settle down. Life was growing inside the core of new earth nobody new that life was growing inside the Earths core. One year later the life inside the planet core was pushing its waythrew out of the core, if the life breaks through the core the planet will explode along with every single bein on the planet.

Another year  had gone past and the core was going to explode,  professor  Adnaan was doing some research when he found out that the core was going to explode.

 He called to evacuate the whole planet , two hours later the planet was Burning 2 minates later the Humans evacuated the planet just in time. Then the Humans went to call for help to another planet and hoped it was peaceful,  the journey began a few a hours later they found a planet it did look peaceful.

Then Adnaan went to speak to the leader of the planet. The leader of the planet said “yes but the Humans have to be slaves or it is war”.

The Humans decided that it shall be war. The war was in a nearby galaxy called the Milky Way. There were billions of space ships in the war. Meanwhile back on earth the life came out,  it was a dragon.

In the war the Humans were building a giant ship the shape of a sphere it was the leader of the planets biggest ship then the humans brought out there ship that they used to destroy the cylon planet.

Moments later the Humans had defeated the leader’s army. 

Now the Humans had a planet…


A few months later Adnaan discovered that the planet did not have an infinite amount of oxygen he Adnaan and another boy that was in his class was called Alex, Adnaan and Alex evacuated the planet. The Dragons were discovering space technology and they did. The Dragons  spotted the Humans…

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