Mercinaries paly ground of destruction- xbox game review

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PAL-Xbox-MercenariesMercenaries is a game where you have to go to factions  bases and ether kill or help the factions. The faction that you are aways hostile to is north korea. There are 5 factions, these are the names of the factions alies, china, south korea and north korea. Depending on how you treat the factions ifyou treat them bad they will be hostile with you if you treat them good they will be friendly to you.

There are lots of vehicles in the game from tanks to helicopters. When you start a new profile you be three people Nilson, Jacob and Miui. You can get lots of weapons carbines to portible artillary. There are lots of air strikes from surgicul strike to fuel bomb. You can kill enemies by hhitting them twice of arresting them.

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