Making a Giant Tall Snowman in Silverdale, Sheffield

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Anika, Sami and Adnaan build an 8 foot snowman that eventually topples over.

This is going to take a lot of hard work!

An hour later and the first snowman is nearly complete

Now work commences on the second snowman

That’s snowman no2 completed.

A good snowfall later and the snowmen have gained mass

Now lets try and make the second snowman much, much taller

A step ladders needed to keep adding height.

Complete – Its twice the height of the previous snowman and with windmill on top!

But the snowman is unstable and begins to topple over.

Crashing to the ground, leavings its head perched on a tree container pot.

By Adnaan, Sami and Anika Walayat of Silverdale Sheffield /

Copyright 2013 Walayat Family – All Rights Reserved

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