the death village

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Long a go in for land was a peaceful village, the villagers feasted in a great hall. They made weapons also armour then use them to fight tournaments.


The villagers liked to party a lot, they played music, danced , singed also fighted for entertainment. One evening a villager was laying down on field when suddenly a lion and a tiger came and killed the villager then the tiger and loin dragged the villager to the mountains to Smeagol saw Smeagol can eat the villager.


What is happening to our village said the king that was called Jake, after a while they agreed I was a warrior but it wasn’t it was Smeagol. On day later another had been eaten by Smeagol .King Jake called a great warrior to protect the village.


The warrior came his name was Theiro the great welcome to our village said king Jake there has been a warrior killing our villagers we need your help to destroy the warrior said king Jake to Theiro. Never fear Theiro the great is hear I will search the whole island to destroy the warrior said Theiro. Then a phew days later a hundred people died because Smeagol sended an army of lions to attack all those body’s could last Smeagol a year supply of food .


King Jake was furies because the warrior attacked again but this time it was a real warrior it wasn’t Smeagol . They still didn’t no that it was Smeagol then Theiro looked harder but he still couldn’t find the warrior .The next day Theiro was walking behind a shop and he saw a warrior killing a villager before the warrior could slice head of the villager the warrior saw Theiro unarmed then the warrior left the villager on the floor alive . Then Theiro had no choice but to do chicken dance . Theiro was doing the chicken dance will Theiro was doing the chicken dance the villager got up sneaked behind the warrior and without the warrior noticing the villager grabbed the sword and slashed of the warriors head.

Then out came smeagol and two tigers grabbed Theiro and took him to the mountains Theiro woke up and saw smeagol eating an arm it was Theiros arm and just when smeagol was going to eat his other arm Theiro got a knife from out of his shoe and stabbed smeagol to death. Then king Jake was astonished that it was a monster .

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