Mario Kart Wii Game Review

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Mario is a really good car game, because you can do solo races, team races, coin battle and balloon battle. On Saturday Hamid, Jamal and Tasha came to my house and one of the games we played was Mario kart. I won well I always win I’m a born winner. Jamal came just two points smaller than me better luck next time Jamal, Tasha came last and Hamid came second to last.

 One of the hardest race tracks is rainbow road. The most easy race track is Luigi circuit.

Coin battle is easier then balloon battle. There are lots of different vehicles.

Mario kart is one of best games ever on Wii.

Ratting 4/6

If you want to know how to start with a boost you have press 2 when the count down at the beginning goes on 2.


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