Super Mario Galaxy Wii Game Review

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In super Mario galaxy is 2 players player1 gets to be Mario and player 2 be a star. In super Mario galaxy you have to collect power stars to finish levels and to unlock new places. I have 84 power stars and have nearly got all of them. Altogether there are 120 power stars I only need 36 more power stars left to get all of the power stars. When you have finished a dome most of the time you will get grand stars.

I like the water galaxies because you get to sometimes ride on creature and you can also go under water.

Domes are the places that take you to galaxies.

If you find three green power stars you get to go to the trial galaxies. The trial galaxies are the galaxies that can’t be seen in domes.

If you go to a red Luma in  the gate talk to it then you to find 1 hundred coins to to fly any where else.

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