The Universe – The Beginning

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The Story of Stories / The Greatest Story




It all started at the beginning of the universe. All there was, was darkness. Until one-day an insignificantly small piece of gas appeared. This piece of gas would gradually grow through millions and billions of years (lets just say a very long time.)

Then one day the gas turned in to a big ball of gas. One-day there was a little light. The light created enormous gigantic colossal huge explosion. This explosion created the first point of the universe.





The universe cooled into gas that created stars. That was the second point of the universe. There became more and more stars in this growing universe. Some stars were huge some were small.


The third point of the universe was later revealed. The stars dropped out some lava which would form it self into meteors, comets and asteroids. There became lots of asteroids that which formed into asteroid belts.



The fourth point of the universe was planets. Almost every planet was either to hot or to cold. One of the most safest planet to live on was earth. (That’s where the next few stories will be.)


Next there huge rocks called moons some planets have more then one moon.

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