Rotherham Clifton Park Reveiw

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Clifton park is a huge park. there is a sand section where you can play in a big sandpit . in the sand pit there are diggers ,slides and sand transports. the sand area is free and really beach like.

there is a small fantastic amusment park there. The amusement park has lots of rides such as rollercoasters, bumper cars and boats. In adittion to is an arcade with slot machines. There are 7 rides and 8 if you include the arcade. There is also a minigolf, where you can play minigolf in 18 holes.In the amusement park you go on ride using small tokens, each token is worth about 50p.

There is an odinary park with swings, slides and rounder bouts. But there is a huge enormous slide, you have to go on it or your missing a lot of fun. Aswell as a normal park there is also a free small water with fountains and other things.There are a wheel shaped swing there as well as rectangular shaped swings.

If you have a walk around you will there is a peaceful garden with water a  fountain, surrounded by beautiful flowers.   if you keeping walking you will get to a small water fall , there is a tiny bridge too. If you walk mor you will find a tennis and baket ball court; there is a huge feild to play football and other activities.

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