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Here me (Adnaan 13), my brother Sami (9) and Dad (ancient) bench press to our maximums on the powertec ’safe’ home gym system after just 10 months training at 2X 1hr progressive workouts per week where virtually every set has seen either a rep or weight increase.

Bench Press Tip 1

Plant your feet firmly on the ground to utilise your leg muscles to help press the weight.

Little Sami goes first his goal is to bench press 40kg.

Bench Press Tip 2

Breath deeply and hold / exhale slowly as you press.

Adnaan starts his run towards a target of 110kg

Bench Press Tip 3

Take your time and press the weight slowly.

Now its Fat Daddy’s turn, having busted through 150kg, how far can my Dad keep pressing ?

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By Adnaan Walayat

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