Zurvive Zombie Game – 2d Top Down Shooter – FREE DOWNLOAD – Android and Desktops (Java)

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ZURVIVE is a fast paced, 2d top down shooter arcade style game programmed in java that runs on any java platform including desktop computers and smart phones and tablets such as those that run on android O/S.

The aim of the game is for the player to survive for as long as they can among a continuous flow of zombie hordes. The game is centred in a game area in which enemies (zombies) spawn in the map at timed intervals which the player must defend against.

I chose to develop the game as at the time I was quite invested in playing fast paced shooters and became enthusiastic about developing one myself. I also felt that there wasn’t quite a game like this that already existed and which also would run on many platforms such as PC’s and smartphone’s as well as tablets.

Zurvive is specifically aimed at teens who enjoy the thrill of fast paced arcade style game play.

Zurvive Java Game – INSTALL

Desktop - Zurvive game java app (18meg) compiled to run on desktop PC’s: – Just click Open to play.


Android –

1. Download and copy to your device’s downloads folder (14meg) -http://www.adnaan.net/codemakewin/zurvive-game-android.apk

2. Use a file manager on your device such as My Files to navigate to the zurvive-game-android.apk file

3. Click to install and then play the game by clicking on the installed Zurvive game icon ).

Youtube Game Tutorial

In the future I plan to add more content such as maps, weapons, enemies, sound effects and atmospheric background music to the game as well as implement better mobile support controls.

My ultimate objective is to publish the game onto the android app’s market, probably seeking to monetize the game through advertising which will entail further research. I will also look at how to implement client server solutions so that the game can run on the server and be served through a browser rather than downloaded to the client device.

Screen shots from the Game

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