lego land

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Friday go to my dads work 15 minutes later he comes in the car 1hour and 40 minutes we stop to have rest at a café we eated  fish and chips when we aet  we went back in the car. When we arrives the fist ride we went on was the lego cars

I went to the drive car I drived it 7 times after that me my dad and my brother went to drive the boat half the way I was driving the boat the other half  my brother. We leaving lego land so we t a shop and we bought chiken and chips in the car.  We went to the hotel we went to sleep the next morning we work up and we to get some food when we was eating breakfast I saw  my uncle and my 2 cousins . when we aet we went to lego land again this time we went on better rides I went on the car once we drived the boat we went on the gladiater  ride we went to a lego mini town .on one of the buildings it had a dalek on it. The next thing I we went to was a log that falls down a water fall. Lego land was closing after that we went to get chiken and chips. When we aet it we went home

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