Sheffield Norfolk Park Kids Day out

By Adam Jamal Iqbal - Last updated: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

On Sunday the 30th May 2010 me my uncle my two cousins (Sami and Adnaan) set off to Norfolk Park. My uncle (Nadeem Walayat) said there was a fayre on. Then Adnaan said there was going to be a tank there and there was going  to be a reconstruction of World War 2.

When we got there we entered through the archway and walked down the long path we went on the field were the Fayre was supposed to be but surprisingly nothing was there. We waited for about 10 minutes. Then my uncle checked on internet if it was on or not but it wasn’t. It said it was meant to be on 20th august 2010 3 months away.

We all had to walk back down to the arch way by now we had spent at least 25 minutes. We then crossed the road and sat I the car. We drove to Norfolk Park but on the way a bus broke down causing traffic to form and another 10 minutes were wasted.

We finally got there and all of the kids started to play tag. If you don’t know what tag us then you must really be dumb. Tag is a game were one player is it and the player whose It has to catch a player that’s not it when they do thi the player who got caught is it, simple. There are different types of tag for instance:

Tiggy Bob down and Tiggy Lamppost. This game is a 2-10000000000 (infinite)


After about 30 minutes we went home by the time we got home it was 4 o clock.

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