How to Grow a Dragon Fruit Tree From Seed, Germinate, 3 Months Growth

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Adnaan leads the way in showing how you too can easily grow Dragon Fruit trees from seed, from germination and growth over a 3 month period.

Dragon fruits are very tasty, full of seeds, thousands of seeds, in fact you can eat 80% of the Dragon fruit and still have plenty of seeds left over for germination.

Now lets get down to business, spread the seeds out onto the paper towel so that you can work the fruit out from around the seeds.

Use more paper towels to remove as much fruit as possible

Soak the final paper towel (with seeds on it) before placing it into a plastic wallet.

Its 10 days later and were going to see how well the seeds germinated before planting them in an eggs carton.

This process has been very successful with most of the seeds having germinated.

The only drawback is that it is very difficult to remove the germinated seeds from the paper towel.

The solution is to plant the seeds WITH the paper towels, as the paper will eventually breakdown.

3 weeks later and there has been good, it’s now time to repot again into a larger more durable container.

Most have been repotted.

Another 3 weeks later shows slow growth, its October and temperatures are dipping.

Another 4 weeks later (3 months from start) and again growth is slow because the dragon fruit trees need higher temperatures to grow faster, expect slow growth until summer next year, still one can clearly see a change from the photo above.

By Adnaan, Sami and Anika Walayat /

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