The Dark Warrior

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One day a boy called bill was going school a stranger talked to him and he said after school come to the bridge to meet me. After school he went to the bridge and said you must protect the human race with all your might you are the chosen one Bill. Are you ready said the stranger called Tom yes said Bill you must begin your training. First of all the great enemy is The dark warrior  his minions were great demons  he trained and trained .


Then daemons attacked the city Bill powered up and went to attacked the demons he swung slashed with no mercy then a leader demon came  then Bill attacked in rage his powers became  limited  power  demon leader  in a flash of lightning went back to the dark warriors palace .The dark warrior said why didn’t you destroy the chosen one he was to powerful said the demon leader I shall see about that said the dark warrior .


Well done student said Tom to Bill now you must unleash fire water rock ice and wind  said Tom  Bill trained and trained over and over again then he was great warrior with no mercy his body was as thick as a tree power limited . Then the dark warrior and his demons came in a dark hurricane then attacked and also raided the city then came Bill in an hurricane of light swung to the cities defense he defeated the demons now he had to defeat the dark warrior he attacked in all his might but the dark warrior defeated Bill but he let him go because the dark warrior wanted  demon leader to destroy Bill the dark warrior  returned to his dark palace.


He’s not strong said The dark warrior to the demon leader have you been training  said the dark warrior to the demon leader yes said  the demon leader . Bill went back to Tom to train then he went  to the  dark warriors palace he destroyed the demons and the demon leader. Now he had to fight the Dark warrior he slung slashed swung in all his might then Bill slashed  and that slash  Bill had  killed the dark warrior with no mercy

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3 Responses to “The Dark Warrior”

Comment from Dark Warrior
Time May 17, 2010 at 7:31 am

You are lieng! THIS IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop changing the story each time you read it. Edit it and explain the bit about Matt Damon and The Easter Bunny.
Gawd, you made this so historically in-accurate!
Yours sincerely
Dark Knight

Dark Knight – OUT!

Comment from Dark Warrior
Time May 19, 2010 at 4:34 am

And yes, I am the ‘Dark Knight’ not the Dark Warrior…

Comment from ILoveNoob
Time May 20, 2010 at 12:07 pm

This Dark Knight is also a guy in My ICT class

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