War Of The Universe Episode 1 – The War Begins – season 1 the attack

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One day there was a massive heat wave between the sun and the moon .It was so powerful it created a metal life form like a robot they called them selves  Daleks.2 years later the Daleks created weapons also they located Earth.1 Month later the Daleks planed a

Attack on Earth the Daleks lived in Jupiter.2 Weeks

Before the war  started the Humans from Earth

Just found out that there are aliens in space . A

Signal came from the Daleks they said we are the

The Daleks we will exterminate you all. The Humans and Daleks prepared for battle. The war was in the north of the milky way . The Humans and Daleks got in line formation in addition to  they brought weapons. The war had just began  brrrr drrrrrrr bang  bang  boom boom boom exterminate exterminate exterminate .

There were flying  tanks helicopters planes jets heavy artillery space ships  heavy infantry  ak47s lasers space bazookas pistols grenades. Just then another  heat wave happened in the east of the universe  the alien was  called  highbreed there minions were called DNaliens .2 Months later the highbreed  created weapons also they lived on mars and they found out that were Daleks and Humans 1 week later the highbreed joined the great war.

Back down on Earth a 8 year old boy called Adnaan was creating galactic space ships  also he made powerful canons for space ships and lots more weapons in his own private secret lab. But Adnaan wasn’t a genius he new lots about since and history and his literacy and maths were okay . Adnaan did no about the great war in space that’s  why he started making weapons and space ships. When ever he went some where he carried  weapons.

He went to school and writed in his jotter .

When suddenly a Dalek came in the room then Adnaan shot the Dalek. Then Adnaan and his class checked every room  but every one else was exterminated by the Daleks. Then he told every body what happened  . He unravelled his secret about his lab the war and that he makes weapon that’s all he told them .The Daleks were out side the school Adnaan created  more weapons and gave them to every body in his class. Some Daleks came inside the school Adnaan and his class shooted the Daleks  and they blew up the Daleks that came in. Just then 50 more Daleks came in the school.

Adnaan and his class threw grenades also  they shooted at the Daleks then the 50 Daleks blew up. Then a Dalek came behind some one in Adnaans class then saw every one else it tried to exterminate every one in Adnaans class and Adnaan. But the Dalek only exterminated  every girl in the class . then the boys destroyed the Dalek and killed the Daleks out side the school.  Just then  1 space ship full of DNaliens was land on the school field to kill every at the school . Adnaan  quickly   went to the nearest   entrance  to his lab that was on the grass that was on left field  out side his school. Then they got the canons that was in Adnaans lab ready and fired at the space ship full of DNaliens it blew up. Then they got in to a galactic space ship .

They  drived the space ship to the great war in space . they attacked the Dalek mother ship. They fired all canons then they went in side pods  and the pods took them to the Dalek mother ship. In the Dalek mother called skaro then Adnaan and the boys  were walking then some Daleks came they shooted the Daleks that came brrrr drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they blowed up the daleks that came just then more Daleks came and DNaliens the DNaliens shooted the Daleks  and the boys. But the took a quick duck non of the boys got shot  then they killed the Daleks and DNaliens that came after that  the boys got in to groups. Adnaan was in and the leader of group1 Jake was the leader of group 2 . group one had to go on the Dalek master ship to activate nuclear missile. Group 2 had to go on the highbreed  master ship. Group1 got on to the   Dalek master ship they were going to the middle of the ship when millions of Daleks came quickly they activated the bomb and group 2 did they went on escape pods to earth .

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3 Responses to “War Of The Universe Episode 1 – The War Begins – season 1 the attack”

Comment from Miss Palazon and Y3P
Time June 25, 2009 at 9:09 am

A very imaginative and entertaining story, filled with WOW words and action! Thank you for letting us read your story! we look forward to reading the next episode!

Wish – to read through your work and check for opportunities to use level 3 punctuation.

Miss P and Y3P

Comment from Mrs Picksley
Time September 17, 2009 at 9:16 am

I am EXTREMELY impressed with all this learning you have been doing at home. Keep it up

Comment from PChook
Time May 17, 2010 at 5:43 am

I am EXTREMELY impressed with your family, I wish mine were like that, they suck.

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