War Of The Universe episode 2

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When Adnaan and his class crashed in escape pods to earth they  got out  and they  crashed  in Adnaans lab they repaired   the lab . Then they  stated going school again  .  The military  explained  to the normal people they said that there 2 types of aliens Dalek and also highbreed  then they said  they  killed every Dalek and Highbreed  they didn’t now that Adnaan and his class did it. But  Daleks and   highbreed didn’t die they got ripped to shreds then they started revolving year by year   then they came alive  stronger . Some thing was evolving it was created when the Highbreed was created it wasn’t in the great war it kept evolving and evolving it could be stronger then the Daleks Highbreed  and Humans. They called them selves Cylons  they  waited till the next war.

2 years  later every body forget about  the great war Evan Adnaan did. 

The Daleks and Highbreed seeked  revenge on the humans they were  still

 enemies  at each other in addition  to they  planed a attack on humans . A Dalek

ship landed in the military  base they shot the Daleks that came .  Adnaan

just found out that Daleks and Highbreed were alive. Adnaan gathered  his class he said Daleks and Highbreed were alive they prepared to attack but this time they joined the military . They said  that  they blew up master ships the military believed them . Nobody new about the Cylons . They  attacked  in the west of  milky way  now the Cylons repaired the war began  brrrrrrrr   drrrrrrrrr  boom boom exterminate exterminate  boom boom brrrr drrrrrrrrr  bang bang  the Clons did not join the battle yet . then a massive heat wave from the sun   flew threw the battle  some of the Daleks Highbreed and Humans died  . then Cylons came  the  Cylons were killing every thing the  Daleks  sended a ship to The Cylon planet   saw did the humans.  The Highbreed  fighted and they died the and the rest of Daleks and humans died. Adnaan and his class were on that ship and lots more soldiers it was biggest ship they had. 

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