Kids Day Out – Twin Lakes Theme Park UK Melton Mowbray Review

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I Went To Twin Lake theme park With My Dad , Mum , Brother Sami And My Baby Sister Anika in July.

I woke up in the morning to get ready to go to Twin lake theme park , we got there the about at 10:30am. When got there we had to pay before they let us into Twin lakes , next we got a map ,

then we looked at the map and to the gocarts first, me and my brother went on the little gocarts.

But they were to small for me so I went the big go-carts which were too big for Sami, We drived the go carts, I liked the gocarts alot then we went on the bumpr boats me and my brother were to small to go on the bumber boats alone, so we had to take turns turns with our Dad.

Next we went on the roller rollercoaster it looked like a bull

Then we went into a in door play centre in the play centre we went on a boat

After we went on the we train next we went in to ball area where there there are guns and you put spunge balls inside then we had ball fight.

I went ice skating on my own, but it wasn’t ice and it was not cold.

We had lots of fun on other rides and the big play area

at the end they had left just 1 go cart out which me and sami fought over.

By Adnaan Walayat

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Comment from Roshin Chummun
Time May 17, 2010 at 6:57 am

Nice pics! I wish i was there (: xxx

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