Star wars the clone wars republic hereos – wii game review

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1253314218-Star_Wars_The_Clone_Wars_Republic_HeroesIn star wars the clone republic hereos you can be jedi are evan clones . I think star wars the clone wars is a very good game because its exiting and action.

I have completed the game once. Its a quite hard game to complete. There lots of levels to do in the game. There only 1 player or co-op 2 player modes. On the first level you can only be Anikin or Ahsoka.

My favirate character is cammander Rex. Rex has to main guns and all the other clones only have one main gun. I like being clones better then being Jedi. Because you get different guns, you get jet pack on some levels, you can get explosions such as grenades and droid poppers and also you can ride vehicles.


Jedis have very high jumps. With Jedis you can by dances for droids in battle, its really funny when I am in battle and they all start dancing.


I  like the level when you have to fight count Dooku because you get to deflect lightning force bac at him.

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