Weston Park Museum Whit Fayre May 2010 Visit

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By Adnaan and Jamal : On Sunday 23rd May, we went in my dad’s car to western Park fayre. We were boiling, at the park.

When we got inside the fair there were people sun bathing on the floor. There were lots of people at the fair.

Next we went into a big tent. The tent was as big as a two gardens. We got some pencils, magnets and a balloon with a stick.

We walked to the Horse ride. Sami went on the Horse ride, the ride went faster and faster. Finally the ride finished.


After that Jamal and Adnaan went on a slide. Jamal to get stuck the boy came onto the slide to fix it. The slide was at least ten feet high. Jamal  seriously doesn’t recommend the slide £1.50 for two slides.




We went to get ice cream. It was flake ice cream we all had the same flavour. When we ate the ice cream we felt cold and refreshing.

We found our mum and sister, when we were eating the cold ice cream.


 Sami fell down and we all went to comfort him we took him to his mum and he said take him to first aid so we did all they did was clean the blood off of him and put a plaster on him.

We went into a different tent then we saw all the people dressed fantastically in smart suits holding their gun (storm troopers) Next we saw the imperial commander then finally we saw their leader Darth Vader we were scared you could see it on our faces.Then we had our picture with a storm trooper, a tie pilot and dark Vader. Sami was a little scared.


 After that we went into western Park Museum and we dressed up in the various outfits they had to offer. First we went to the Victorian exhibit then the insect exhibit then the wild animal exhibit after that we went to the prehistoric exhibit. After we came out of the prehistoric exhibit we went to  this place were you could do what ever you want well Jamal wrote on the paper “Jamal woz ere www.adnaan.net .“ if you go today you might find them.



 When we came out of the museum we saw some of the rarest cars in the world worth approximately £15,000 each and some going up to a whopping £20,000

 Finally we went to the park. We went on a rocking thing and Adnaan almost broke his legs. We played tag Sami was on first. Then we went on the bike round about.

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