Mech assult 2 lone wolf – xbox reveiw

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Mech assult 2 lone wolf is an action packed war game. I haven’t completed the yet but I am aiming to complete the game. I am stuck on the misionwhen you have to operate a blood asp. My faveriote mision when is you get two operate a star adder. You do not always have to be in mech there lots of other vehicles to operate.



These are some of the vehicles you can operate in the game.

The star adder is the most powerful mech I have ever bean in. Its saw powerful that if its super weapon is fully charged it would destroy a mech a mech in one shot. Which mean it has serious fire power. The star adder’s flame thower is built for close up combat.       


     Another powerful mech is the batttle armor. The battle armor is a very small mech its weapons and defenseses  are aren’t very strong. Its built to infiltrate enemy bases. One of of its uniqe feature’s is that it can grab on to a mech and deactivate the mech.    



 the VTOL is a uniqe vehicle becaus it can drop supplys such as turrents, health, energy and bombs. the VTOL  is light armored and can easily be destroyed. Another of VTOL’s features is that it is very good at scouting areas of land.   


 The Tank is very weak vehicle. Its power is good because its powerful enough to desroy a group of battle armor mechs. I like the amored Tank a little bit but not that much. And also when its aiming to fire at something you can zoom in to make it easyer to see the target.     


The blood asp is probalt my secend best mech in the game becauseits almost as powerful as anstar adder. The level I am stuck on is the first time I was a blood asp mech. The blood asp has a built in jet pack  unlike the star adder. The blood asp’s defences are very good in battle.    



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