Muslims and the Quraan

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Muslims are people who follow the religion Islam. By Islamic law Muslims have to pray five times a day. They have to pray about 5 O clock in the morning, 2 O Clock in the afternoon 5 O Clock in the afternoon, 7 O Clock in the afternoon and finally 10 O Clock at night. But in the winter these times change slightly.


Muslims Holy book is called the  Holy Quraan.The Holy Quraan is brocken up into 30 chapters these chapters are called saparas. Most good practicing Muslims read the Quraan at home or in thier local masgids. By the way a Masgid is just another way to say he word mosque but in arabic. The Holy Quraan is written in arabic, Some muslims at the age of 10-16 know the whole Quraan by heart (be able to recite without looking)



The Muslims founder and prophet is Muhammad (Peace be upon him).Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is a role model for all Muslims every single muslim wants to be like him.

Muslims have a special holy day called Eid-ul-Fitr  by which  they   celebrate after a whole month of fasting (restraining from food and drink for a whole day).

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