Our Families Move to Silverdale Close, Sheffield

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Walayat family moves to Silverdale Close, Sheffield.

The walayat family making their move in trip - The the car is fully loaded for the move from Darnall to Silverdale Close

Arrive at Silverdale, I am suprised by my first look at the new house, it is much larger than I thought it would be.

We are all ready for the first look at the inside

Sami goes banana’s, jumping for around the conservatory

I am surveying the back of the house

Sami just cannot resist jumping around like a rabbit.

Silverdale Close has a big garden that will be lots of fun in the summer, my dad says he is going to plant lots of fruit trees too.

Back view of the house showing, conservatory, lounge and windows to 4 of the properties 6 six bedrooms. The computer room is the middle window and my bedroom is at the top right. There is also a balcony that I will look at when my dad allows me to.

The house is mostly empty at the moment but plenty of furniture and fittings have been ordered for the flood of family and friends who will be start visiting over the coming weeks.

By Adnaan Walayat



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