Planting and Growing a Peach Fruit Tree in a Pot at Silverdale Sheffield Part1

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You need three main things to plant a fruit tree in a pot.

1. A pot

2. A fruit tree

3. Compost / Soil


A decent sized pot is needed to allow a fruit tree room to grow for several years. My Dad bought a big pot from a local garden centre.


There are a number of places to get a fruit tree from such as the local garden centres such as B&Q or Homebase, but they are not going to have a lot of variety, mainly apple trees and some pear and cherry trees, but no peach trees.

So whilst B&Q did not have what we were looking for we bought an apple tree and then also ordered a peach tree online but had to wait a long time for it to arrive (28 days), the peach fruit tree cost £35 including posting, which is very high when you compare against £15-£20 in B&Q and Homebase or just £6 in places like pound stretcher and Lidl, but the advantage is that you get exactly what you want i.e. rootstock for growth size and the trees tend to be a lot healthier so I guess you get what you pay for. If you pay £6 then you have limited choice and the plant won’t be as healthy as one that costs you £35. We chose to mix and match by getting several trees to plant in the ground and pots.

So next I waited for my peach tree to be delivered.

It came well packaged in a very big box, much taller than me.

My Dad was busy working so we could not plant it straight away so I watched some TV with my fruit tree for a while.

We needed to go back to garden centre to get some quality soil – John Ings 3- The bag was very heavy.

Fruit Tree Buying Tips

1. If your not too bothered about the type and size then you get fruit trees cheap from places like Lidl, Aldi and pound stretchers at less than £7 each.

2. If you are planting it in a pot, make sure it is a really big pot to give the fruit tree time to grow.

3. Soil – The best soil for fruit trees is John Ings 3.

4. Order by Early march at the latest so that you can have it planted before summer.

Tomorrow (Part 2), I will work on planting my peach fruit tree at Silverdale Close.

The peach tree should be okay to stay in it’s box until tommorrow.

By Adnaan Walayat

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