Silverdale Secondary School Sheffield Induction Day for New Pupils Starting in September

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Today at 09:00AM I went to my induction day to Silverdale Secondary school, in Sheffield, I dressed in my Athelstan Primary School Uniform.

First, I went into the school sports hall, to re-group with the rest of the year; and the teachers.  There were about 50 students there and we were split into 5 groups (I was in group 2), the group leaders were Y11 students.

For our first lesson, we were escorted to a maths room, where we had a maths teacher. First of all we had a simple task of re arranging a sum in letters to the same sum with the same letters but In a different answer (E. G eleven plus two can be re-arranged into twelve plus one). After that, we played a game where you had to connect 4 in a row to win ..There were approximately 5 teams. By the end of the game my team had won.

After the maths lesson, we headed to the Art lesson. our  Art objective was to make and design a pop up Art picture. I struggled allot, I found it very boring because I don’t like art, subsequently I didn’t do much in that lesson.

Next, it was english-But this lesson was very short, about half an hour. Our task was mainly based on poetry, furthermore we started off writing our own poem, but I didn’t get to finish by poem unfortunately, we were asked to take them home and finish them. 

Lunchtime – During lunch time I got lost and wandered lonely as a cloud, though I was not on my own, with 3 others. The dining hall was like a cafe, I picked what I liked and it cost me £1.60.

After lunch, we had Design and Technology. Our D&T task was to create our own custom bag tag, it was pretty easy to do, the class lasted about 45 minutes but the time went fast because I liked it a lot.

The last and final lesson was foreign languages, we had to do french. In the lesson, french was easy because most of the things we did I had already done in my primary school.

Finale we went home; at about 3.15pm and my Dad was waiting to pick me up in his car.

Overall the induction day was okay, overall I would have enjoyed it more if they had done more science orientated lessons. And Also it was a big disappointment that they never really showed us around the school, which is why we got lost.

My Dad has put me down for 2 weeks for Summer School, which will hopefully be more useful than the induction day.

Meantime I have my baggage tag.

And some material to look over about the school, including importantly a map. I recommend that the school in future takes new students on a guided tour around the school.

By Adnaan Walayat

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