How to Grow Radishes from Seeds By Sami of Greystones Primary School

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Radishes are supposed to be the easiest vegetable to grow, quick to germinate and fast to grow and harvest.

Sami shows if this is true in his first attempts to grow Radishes, with plenty of lessons learned to share.

Radishes are very tasty!

Sow the seeds in rows, spacing them about 1 inch apart.

Now smooth over the soil so that the seeds are lightly covered.

Its now 5 days later and the seeds that were left in a propagator have virtually ALL germinated, I am going to leave them covered for some more days.

DAY 9 - And the Radish seeds are not looking good, as the leaves have virtually all shriveled up! I think it got too hot for them in the propagator.

I am going to see if removing the shriveled up leaves results in new leaves growing.

Day 12 – 1 – Whilst the previous batch are recovering I am going to plant a second batch.

Day 18 – 7 - Updates for both batches.

The first batch has FAILED to recover

The Second batch has failed to germinate.

Day 28 – 17 -

Only 1 radish from the first batch

And only 1 seed germinating from the second batch

Day 35 – 25 – Only 1 radish has grown, but still not enough to harvest.

The lesson learned is that radish do not lot hot weather, they are best grown at cooler times of the year then summer.

But I will try and grow a second batch and remember not to let them get too hot.

By Sami Walayat of Greystones Primary School /

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