Silverdale Sheffield – Real Blair Witch Project Horror!

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A pleasant trek in the woods slowly turns into a nightmare for a group of 4 who after a long walk find themselves venturing deeper and deeper into ancient wood land, discovering what they thought to be an abandoned camp, but what happened to the people? Amusement slowly turns to fear as the race is on to make it out of the woods in one piece, find out if they make it out or not….

The trek starts along a well laid path

It was not long before the safe path is left behind.

Eventually reaching an old forest.

It does not take long to find signs the the woods have been occupied.

Venturing deeper into the woods things get stranger and stranger with more signs of settlements including bones of presumably animals.

Panic starts to set amongst the group that they may be in danger.

Deeper and deeper in the woods reveals strange structures.

Panic increasingly grips the group as strange sounds can be heard that resembling a growing beast.

With great relief the group are nearing the edge of the forest.

Watch the video to find out if they made it out alive or not!

By Adnaan Walayat of Silverdale School /

Copyright 2013 Walayat Family – All Rights Reserved

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