How to Grow Mango Trees From Seed, Germination, Planting and Results

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This is a step by step youtube video guide on how to grow mango trees from seed, utilising the best method for mango seed germination, to planting, to what results you can be expected after a month (a 10 mango tree forest!).

These are the 10 mango trees after just 1 months growth from planting

How to Germinate Mango Seeds

Remove the Mango seed form the dry husk (after a few days left to dry on a window sill).

Next wrap the seed loosely in a paper towel

Now wet the paper towel wrapped seed and then place it into a plastic wallet or zipper bag, place on a shelf, then place on a shelf for a couple of weeks to germinate.

Two weeks later, the seeds have germinated into baby mango trees.

Now plant the mango trees into small pots

And here are the Mango trees just 1 month later.

The difference in growth rates suggests that the bigger the pot they are placed in the faster they will tend to grow.

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